Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Customer Excellence Edition

The new transformational North Star for customer-centric improvement & operational resilience
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Signavio Business Transformation Suite

Signavio Customer Excellence (CEX)

For too long, there’s been a disconnect between operational excellence initiatives and customer experience. Organizations find their plans to transform customer journeys never make it from ideation to execution, or that supposed solutions create even more problems. No more! It is time to break the cycle of customer failure with the Signavio Customer Excellence (CEX) Edition, featuring the new Signavio Journey Modeler.

From Experience to Excellence

Signavio launches the world’s first product to serve the emerging practice of Customer Excellence. Signavio brings together a full 360° of outside-in and inside-out thinking, translating experience into operational reality and putting the customer at the center of everything you do. Make continuous experience improvements your North Star!

Signavio Journey Modeler

As a leader in cloud-based process mining, the Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Customer Excellence Edition is now tackling the CEX challenge head-on by launching Signavio Journey Modeler. Journey Modeler enables you to understand and visualize your customer experience via a step-by-step journey.

  • Operationalize customer experiences by connecting journeys and processes, metrics, systems, and roles.
  • Leverage experience data and process mining to understand operational root causes for customer frustration or happiness.
  • Accelerate innovation by combining inside-out and outside-in perspectives.

The need for Customer Excellence

What we see today, for banks, hospitals, retailers, factories, and thousands of other organizations around the world, is the approach to process massively changing. For Signavio, the Journey Modeler crosses all experiences, not just the customer. This includes patient journeys, citizens, employees, or entire transformation journeys.

Signavio Process Intelligence

As part of the Customer Excellence release, we have upgraded our process mining offering. Signavio Process Intelligence includes an all-new, powerful toolset that covers all business & customer requirements. Break down powerful fact-based insights & customer sentiment into manageable improvements.

  • Mining at scale - The SiGNAL Mining Engine is a cloud-based in-memory query engine that can process events logs with millions of rows. 
  • Empowering business users - The Metrics Library empowers business users to leverage the computational power of SiGNAL without technical knowledge. 
  • Extended connectivity - The ETL Pipelines simplify online and manual data acquisition with unique process mining oriented data model creation.

Signavio Analytics Language (SiGNAL)

Leverage the power of Signavio Analytics Language (SiGNAL) to build tailored process-centric views using built-in formulas, perform faster calculations, and accelerate business outcomes. Get immediate operational visibility for the most valued asset: customers!

Point. Click. Done!

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Customer Excellence Edition simplifies & supports companies to improve and transform customer satisfaction, engagement & resilience. View a full Customer Journey Modeler demonstration, or discover more of its full potential below...

The Signavio Journey Modeler enables us to combine outside-in and inside-out perspectives on our goal to become even more customer-centric.
Claire Hornn, VodafoneZiggo
cex - design beautiful journey models

Signavio Journey Modeler

Design beautiful Journey Models for easy to understand waypoints

Industry-standard tabular journey format ensures users can see processes related to a customer’s journey. Identify bottlenecks and any unnecessary steps that negatively impact customers.

Easy to use journey modeling helps you to see through the eyes of the customer. Gain insightful customer experiences & business processes.

Endless customization capabilities mean you can build process models using images to improve understanding among teams.

Unprecedented visibility means all employees can identify areas for improvement, simplify operations, and suggest innovations.



cex - manage journeys processes in a single platform

Manage journeys & processes in a single platform

With Signavio Collaboration Hub, content is created, captured, & shared by anyone across journeys & customer initiatives.

Signavio Journey Modeler codifies and shares relevant information for the design and delivery of experiences your customers want and deserve.

Connect process mining to journeys to discover and analyze your operational & transactional data for transformation initiatives.

Link touchpoints to transactional & performance data and monitor development in real-time. See where your operations interact with the customer.


cex - connect processes with journeys

Connect processes with journeys

Visualize journeys across multiple systems in one central Hub & identify and visualize frequent, problematic, or promising customer journeys based on large amounts of existing data (CX metrics, VoC, digital, web analytics, CRM, call centers, etc.).

Use automatically analyzed customer journeys as a starting point for design thinking or journey mapping workshops.

cex - gain a holistic view of your processes

Signavio Process Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of your processes from event logs and user interactions

Rapidly unearth processes within event logs to understand as-is operations, activities, and sequences.

Out-of-the-box functionalities to reduce time to analysis with ETL connectors and templated transformations for the most common processes, e.g. P2P, O2C & ITSM.

Leverage powerful task mining capabilities to capture user interactions directly from desktops with machine vision technology.

cex - pi instantly uncover process inefficiencies and bottlenecks for seamless operations

Instantly uncover process inefficiencies and bottlenecks for seamless operations

Uncover process stories to compare KPIs, conduct impact analysis, and understand variants to streamline business operations.

Dynamically map and connect process control flows for frontline improvement in compliance, deviations & waste.

Conduct root cause analysis, helping slash durations, skipped activities & order of events while reducing cycle times and rework.

cex - pi harness the power of data driven process conformance and benchmarking

Harness the power of data-driven process conformance and benchmarking

Unearth the truth about your processes and make better data-driven, transparent decisions across your company.

Conduct conformance checking to identify non-compliant behavior easily, instantly share feedback, reviews, and comments across the entire organization.

Experience the combined power of task mining and process mining for higher efficiency.

cex - pi accelerate process excellence like never before

Accelerate process excellence like never before

Build powerful visualizations and reports in minutes for lightning-quick insights on process performance KPIs, cycle-time analysis, and health indicators.

Leverage the power of Signavio Analytics Language (SiGNAL) to build tailored process-centric views using built-in formulas, perform faster calculations, and accelerate business outcomes.

50+ pre-delivered process performance & compliance metrics enabling process analysis for everyone in the organization.