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How can you ensure the quality of processes?

The quality of a processes is recognized in its efficiency. Even before the process is documented, an organization can do a lot for its processes, by defining strategic goals as well as roles and responsibilities. Modeling standards and modeling conventions increase process quality in the documentation of processes, as they encourage transparency and ensure that regulations are kept. Totally independent from their industry, lots of companies are certified in line with ISO 9001. In many cases the certification is required by industry specific laws or through customer demands.

Where can I find more information about the quality of processes?
On our website you will find more information on the subject of ISO, as well as on the internet page of the “International Organization for Standardization.” In our Process Library you will find Best Practices, Checklists and templates for securing the quality of processes. Here you will find examples on the themes of ITIL, ISO and on the automobile industry.