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approval software


approval software

What is approval software?

Approval software eliminates the need for manual approval and provides easy tracking of tasks and processes based in workflows by providing an infrastructure for setting up and monitoring a defined sequence of tasks arranged in a workflow.

What are the benefits of approval software?

Approval software saves time by automating approval tasks.


What is Archimate?

Archimate is an independent modeling standard for Enterprise Architecture. It supports the description, analysis and visualization of Enterprise Architecture in business settings and beyond. The Open Group, whose standards and certification programs have been adopted worldwide, defined this standard. For this reason, many software providers support it.

Why use Archimate?

The Archimate standard makes it possible for you to define business and IT systems with the help of a service-oriented model. When your modeling tool supports not only BPMN but also Archimate, communication between IT and different departments is improved. Enterprise Architecture models allow themselves to be synchronized with process models, making interfaces and interactions visible. You will find further information about Archimate in our User Manual.