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Written by Lucas de Boer | 2 min read
Published on: June 3rd 2019 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020
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We often talk about process mapping and modeling helping individuals from different sections within an organization to speak the same ‘language’ about process—but what happens when those individuals actually speak different languages? Read on to find out how the newest feature in SAP Signavio Process Manager tackles this challenge!

Collaboration and coordination: A global imperative

Signavio believes in the wisdom of the crowd, and we understand collaboration as the key to successful process management. Of course, effective collaboration can only take place where there is effective communication. An integral element of this is to have your process content accessible by everyone in your organization—no matter where they are.

As an organization grows, and establishes a presence in multiple regions around the world, the challenge becomes how to do business internationally, both with external customers and partners, and internally, with staff of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Therefore, managing content and process models in multiple languages is vital to international organizations, or in companies where partners, subcontractors, or agencies may be required to step in and help take advantage of opportunities in diverse markets.

New for SAP Signavio Process Manager: Multi-language import and export

Currently, within the central process repository of SAP Signavio Process Manager, we provide a number of content and interface languages. (To be precise, it’s eight: Chinese (simplified/traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian).

Each language is tied to our users’ profiles, so each user gets their process content conveniently displayed in the correct language. Of course, you can also create process diagrams in any language you like.

For our Enterprise Plus licensed customers, SAP Signavio Process Manager now allows for full multi-language import and export. You can export your process and dictionary content as a .po file, the most commonly supported translation format. (.po files, or portable object files, are text-based files saved in a human-readable format so they can be viewed in a text editor by engineers and translators).

Any required changes can be made, and the content can be imported directly back into SAP Signavio Process Manager quickly and easily. This allows users to collaborate closely and efficiently with partners to curate their multi-language process and dictionary content.

Benefits of multi-language import and export

With the addition of this new functionality, Signavio users will be able to collaborate more closely and efficiently with partners in multiple languages. In turn, this improves opportunities to collaborate, and reduces the time-to-market for product developments as well as the time-to-value for internal business processes.

Having the capability to translate process and dictionary content using common file formats also saves money on translation costs, and means large volumes of information can be translated more efficiently, including through outsourcing, as any external translation service will not need specialized software or a detailed understanding of process models.

Furthermore, multi-language import and export means your content can be managed separately, allowing for a more streamlined approach to change management. Not only can you more easily communicate internal process changes across geographically distinct areas of the organization using the right language, thus avoiding any potential miscommunication, but branding, team, or role changes can be understood and controlled directly from your exported content, meaning updates can be populated everywhere at the same time, with no untidy delays.

Bringing multi-language import and export into your organization

If you are a global business—or even looking to become one—then working across multiple languages will be a necessary part of your day-to-day reality. To learn more about how to ensure your employees get the right message at the right time, download Signavio’s guide to creating a single source of truth within your organization. Or, if you’re ready to see what Signavio can do for you, why not sign up for a free 30-day trial today?

Published on: June 3rd 2019 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020