From Business Process Modeling to Process Analysis

Process analysis is one of the key topics in business process management. Improving operations with accurate analysis establishes an overall increase quality and efficiency.

Process analysis plays an essential role in enhancing enterprise competitiveness. An organization can gain an edge by analyzing costs, risks, and human resource data.

The SAP Signavio Process Manager offers a variety of ways to analyze your processes for sustainable improvement.

Signavio - Reliable Process Analysis

Process analysis produces better results when the actual state of business processes is documented. Signavio’s reliable software actively engages people in process design that provides documentation, noting all participants and business metrics.

Establish a teamwork environment as a basis for your process analysis using the Collaboration Hub and the commenting feature teamwork. Leverage the team’s knowledge with comments made to individual process steps to create premium process models.

Process Analysis with the Signavio Process Manager

Collaborative process design provides the most solid base for your business process management efforts. To reach success, Signavio equips users with process analysis functions like process simulation and the Internal Control System (ICS) to monitor costs and mitigate risk. In a single click, the ICS can be configured to display existing risks and the

respective controls that have been defined for each risk. Simulation, on the other hand, helps mature processes from the current state model to the target future state model. Download our white paper on Simulation for a complete review and explanation.

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Companies from around the world, representing many industries, trust Signavio to help improve business performance. You can find detailed information about the successes of various BPM initiatives in our reference reports.

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