Signavio is your collaborative BPA platform. Say hello to intuitive process design.

There are many different approaches to process analysis, from PostIts® on a whiteboard to the use of heavyweight BPA tools requiring client-side software installation and substantial training before they can become useful.

But there is no other professional BPA tool that can be set up in less than three minutes like Signavio! By using Signavio Process Manager, you can immediately begin focusing on improving your processes without worrying about software installation or the need to study a lengthy software manual before documenting and improving your first process. The software automatically checks the quality of your model each time it’s saved.

Easy Collaboration for Everyone

Signavio’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform offers everyone easy and intuitive access to process design, documentation, and analysis. No matter whether you are a process expert or a greenhorn, everyone can model and share good business processes using Signavio – no training required! Collaborative process design has never been easier! Check it out yourself – register for your free 30-day trial account today!