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Signavio is your collaborative Business Process Analysis (BPA) platform. Say hello to simple, intuitive processes.

There are many different approaches to process analysis. From PostIts® on a whiteboard, scribbles on a piece of paper, to spreadsheets on the desktop. And then there are those cumbersome Business Process Analysis tools that require tedious software installation and training!

But at Signavio we believe speed and ease of use are important. That’s why we have the only professional BPA tool that can be set up in under three minutes. The method is easy. By using SAP Signavio Process Manager, you can immediately improve your processes without worrying about software installation. You can also say goodbye to lengthy software manuals. SAP Signavio Process Manager automatically checks the quality of your model each time it’s saved. You can identify, analyze, and improve every process and diagram. Step-by-step. Instantly.


Signavio – reliable business process analysis

Process analysis works best when the actual state of business processes is documented. Signavio reliably and actively engages people in process design and business metrics. Signavio is there every step of the way and is the perfect resource for improvement, finding order, and for better understanding.

To conduct your analysis, you can also establish a teamwork environment using the Collaboration Hub, and the commenting feature. Why not solve a problem by leveraging the team’s knowledge and listening to comments made on individual process steps?

Process collaboration

Collaborative process design is the best bet for successful business process analysis. Signavio equips users with process analysis functions like process simulation and the Internal Control System (ICS) to monitor costs, improve business operation, and mitigate risk. In a single click, the ICS can be configured to display existing risks and the respective controls that are defined for every output. Simulation, on the other hand, helps mature processes from the current state model to the target future state model. Download our white paper on Simulation for a complete review and explanation.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence made simple

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence helps organizations improve process analysis by identifying bottlenecks and improving operational efficiency. The definition of process intelligence is to provide an organization with accurate information, inputs, and summaries. Management can answer questions, like:

  • Why are my processes not working as they should?
  • How can I evaluate the vast amounts of data influencing my processes?
  • How can I make process improvements across the board?

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can also help an organization by monitoring and analyzing processes on a historic or real-time basis. Process intelligence software is especially useful for analyzing and managing nonlinear processes that have a lot of dependencies. The powerful combination of process discovery, process analysis, and conformance checking, with a customizable ETL engine, will give you game-changing insights into your business process analysis and mapping.

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