Business Process Improvement for Everyone

Get everyone in­volved and unleash your organization’s full potential.

The development of great processes requires participation from everyone on the team. Process analysis tools designed for use only by experts – that was yesterday. Tools of the next generation offer professional modeling capabilities to all users, from beginners to process experts, regardless of their modeling expertise.

Documenting Business Processes

Process owners can now easily document their processes and discuss ideas for improvement with their colleagues by sharing on the company’s Intranet. Organizational understanding and process excellence can only emerge if everyone is engaged in the initiative. From capturing an undocumented process with QuickModel (spreadsheet-like process design) to suggesting potential improvements by commenting on a process via Signavio’s Collaboration Portal: the power of collaboration is always present with Signavio.

From overall profitability to job satisfaction, having well defined processes is in everyone’s best interest. With Signavio it’s easy to make process improvement an engaging topic that matters to everyone, no matter which position they hold. Its ease of use and collaborative design make Signavio an excellent choice for anyone interested in process improvement anywhere in your organization!
Don’t believe it’s possible or easy to do?

Free Trial

Register for your free 30 day trial account to find out for yourself! While you’re at it, invite some of your colleagues to your modeling workspace, share a model and see what they have to say.

The Signavio Process Editor is a modeling platform of the next generation:

  • Business process analysis for everyone
  • Involve all participants easily
  • Visualize processes in the entire organization
  • Ensure model quality, through process design validation


Process Management with the Signavio Process Editor

We have two different versions of our software solution on offer to help you successfully implement your process management initiative. You can model your processes securely in the Cloud or install our software in your own server. Up till now, more than 80% of our customers have decided to go for the SaaS solution. But how exactly does process management in the Cloud work?

Software-as-a-Service for your Process Management

Simply register for our web-based version and get started with process management straight away; your processes will be fully secure in our server. You work with the tool via HTTPs and can model your diagrams from anywhere you wish. With automatic updates, you also save on the usual maintenance costs.

You’d like to be able to operate your process management software from your own server?

We also have the right software solution for you. You can still have access to it via a web browser if you choose to operate it in combination with one of your self-defined configurations. Depending on the maintenance cost, we can also provide you with updates for the on-premise version.

Manage your business processes in a structured manner

It doesn’t matter which one you go for! Whether it’s the Software as a Service solution or our On-Premise version, we provide you with reliable support for process management via both email and telephone. Would you like to gain an initial idea of how process management works with our software? You have the chance to do so – try out our free 30-day trial version now.