Professional Process optimization by Becker Büttner Held Consulting AG

Our decision for the Signavio Process Editor was not very difficult after a comprehensive research. Thanks to the collaborative work space, an easy cooperation is no problem, despite territorial distances. Customers can be easily integrated in process design. Dr. Andreas Jankiewicz, Partner Councel, BBHC

An efficient business process modeling is a very important requirement for knowing the key data, the processes as well as the organization of a company. The Becker Büttner Held Consulting AG (BBHC) was looking for a tool, which is easy to understand for all employees. In addition to business process modelling, the tool should also be suitable for the optimization of processes and for activity based costing. The Signavio Process Editor was the solution!

Together with the BBH Group, the BBHC is a leading provider of consulting services for energy and infrastructure companies and their customers. The BBHC has offices in Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Especially in the domaine of ​​municipal services the company takes care of management, process, organisation and IT consulting services for the energy supply sector. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, BBHC is tackling many other projects. Considering this plenty of tasks, business processes had to be focussed from the very beginning.

The special characteristic of the Signavio Process Editor is its collaborative orientation and its usability. With a common workspace and the annotation function, a cooperation from different locations is possible at any time. Likewise, the BBHC includes its customers actively in process design and makes cooperation more easy. With the Signavio Process Editor, the company offers its customers transparency and confirmability. Thus, for example, deadlines and communication ways are shown clearly.

The Signavio Process Editor makes business processes transparent and understandable. The introduction of a gas balancing at an industry service provider with Signavio was a great success for the BBHC.

The challenge was to design business processes from different locations as well as to connect processes, that were linked up in terms of content, in a well structured kind of way.

Even professionals without a Signavio account could be included easily. With BPMN 2.0 and with a clear involvement of sub processes in complex process representations, the customer had no open questions at all. In the future, the BBHC will continue to use the Signavio Process Editor with its intuitive process design, which is a big advantage for all involved employees.

From recording processes to process optimization

Process optimization is the common goal of every organisation. Only once the quality of their processes has been improved, can a company truly save on costs, time and other valuable resources. However, the processes must be recorded before this improvement process can begin. This information forms a basis that can later be used to optimize a process. The Signavio software provides you with ongoing support to help you improve the quality of your business processes. We provide you with a perfect starting point – in the form of professional BPM software.

Achieve process optimization by getting all process participants involved

It doesn’t matter whether a step within a business operation is carried out by individuals or entire departments – problems often arise due to a lack of communication. Among other reasons, this is essentially because employees don’t always see internal processes in their entirety. Instead they’re only aware of the part that directly involves them. However, for the success of your business you need to make sure that people’s understanding of processes is consistent throughout the company. But how can you sharpen people’s awareness of process optimization in your organisation? By using a collaborative software program! Get all of your employees actively involved in managing business processes.

Process optimization across the whole organisation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using QuickModel (the modeling platform designed for beginners), or the BPM Collaboration Portal: The Signavio Process Editor provides the best setup for uniting all employees through business processes. Managing business processes doesn’t just have to be a job for the IT department, it’s equally important across the board. Build clearly understandable process models with our BPM tools, share them with all those involved in the process or invite your colleagues to comment. We’d really like to work together with you to find out which areas of your business and your line of work could benefit from process optimization.

Versatile features for process improvement

When initiating your process optimization initiative you can, for example, use our reference libraries. They contain a selection of Best Practice BPMN process models, a checklist and template documents. These can be used straight away and customized for your individual needs. Are you already familiar with our modeling conventions for consistent management of business processes? You can define these yourself, or use our Signavio Standard default. Try out process optimization with Signavio entirely for free for 30 days and gain an insight into how the Process Editor works in practice.