Process management at the bank with the highest customer satisfaction rates

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The Goal: BaFin compliant organizational handbook based on compliant business processes

All of Sparda Bank’s work instructions and business processes were comprehensively analyzed and revised. It soon became clear that Sparda Bank could also introduce process management at an enterprise level. In a first step, a process landscape was developed, which divides the business processes of Sparda-Bank Berlin into core, management and support processes.

Based on this, the “as-is” processes were incorporated into workshops with process participants in order to be able to define the target processes later. After the initial implementation phase, which focused mostly on the credit department and also ensured access to documents from "Lotus Notes," all processes were included in BPMN 2.0.

Intuitive process modeling with Signavio Process Manager

Sparda-Bank Berlin chose to model its processes with Signavio Process Manager as it not only enables the mapping of processes, but also covers essential parts of an organizational handbook. The tool’s intuitive usability was also a key aspect in the decision to use Signavio. After a brief introductory training session, Sparda Bank employees were able to start modeling processes immediately.

In Signavio’s Collaboration Hub, all 700 Sparda Bank employees can access the company’s process models at any time. The project at Sparda-Bank Berlin is an excellent example of the successful integration of process management into the development of a comprehensive organizational handbook.

Sparda-Bank Berlin uses the release workflow integrated in the Signavio Process Manager to manage approval workflows.


At a Glance

  • BaFin compliant organizational handbook
  • Process portal for 700 users
  • Banking processes at Sparda Bank Berlin
  • Process documentation with BPMN 2.0


SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub,  SAP Signavio Process Manager
Operational Excellence,  Risk & Compliance

About Sparda-Bank

According to independent rankings by Kundenmonitor Germany, Sparda-Bank has consistently had the most satisfied customers of any bank in Germany, for 20 years. With its initiative for process management, Sparda-Bank Berlin eG is now also a pioneer when it comes to process management in the banking sector.