National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) is a financial services organization and one of Australia’s leading banks providing a comprehensive and integrated range of banking and financial products and services. With operations in Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, NAB exists to serve customers well and help communities prosper.

NAB’s strategy focuses on being safe and secure, an easy bank that’s simple to deal with, and relationship-led. An important enabler for being safe, secure, and easy is NAB’s control transformation strategy, ensuring it has effective and strong controls in place to meet critical process objectives, achieve compliance with regulatory obligations, and manage risk. In support of this strategy, NAB adopted new technology to give it greater process transparency and drive continuous, targeted improvements across the business.

Supporting Transformation with Business Process Management Using SAP® Signavio® Process Transformation Suite

Before: Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Identify the right controls to meet customer outcomes, manage risk, and meet regulatory obligations for its critical processes
  • Establish an intelligent controls environment aligned to process and supported by automated and outcome-focused controls


  • SAP® Signavio® Process Transformation Suite supporting enterprise-wide process coverage for its organization of 33,000 users, providing the necessary visibility and collaboration across processes
  • Process modeling capability available for every user, with process-mining functionality to support process discovery at scale, identify opportunities for process reengineering, and achieve higher velocity of process modeling
  • Collaborative features providing the ability to connect stakeholders from various business units

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Captured over 4,000 process models, improved its control environment, reduced process failure, and embedded management of the controls and processes with the users that own them
  • Introduced an enterprise-wide, process-centric approach to managing risk, obligation, and control environments that is unique within the Australian banking industry
  • Simplified processes and improved the customer experience for Home Lending, reducing the time for unconditional approval for a Simple Home Loan
  • Increased level of control automation across customer controls and processes, supporting its digital-first focus and ensuring processes are right first time, every time

“The SAP Signavio Process Manager solution provides NAB with intuitive visualization of processes. The ease of use has meant colleagues across the enterprise have adopted this quickly, and the platform is supporting the delivery of our strategy.”

Jonathan Redfern, Executive, Control and Process Management National Australia Bank Limited

Making Process Management a Strategic Driver to Getting it Right First Time, Every Time

With SAP® Signavio® Process Collaboration Hub, all colleagues at National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) now have access to an enterprise-wide single source of truth to document processes and for ongoing process management. The SAP Signavio Process Manager solution provides NAB with its core process modeling capability.

Transparency and governance over process management has been supported by NAB adopting the SAP Signavio Process Governance solution to provide an integrated and systematic workflow to sustainably manage ownership and currency of processes. NAB uses the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solution to support process discovery at scale, identify opportunities for process reengineering, and achieve higher velocity of process modeling. With its process-data mining functionality and integration with SAP Signavio Process Manager to generate process models, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is being deployed enterprise-wide to support faster and better process management.

Through its controls center of excellence, NAB runs a rigorous accreditation process for users wanting to model processes to its control and process management standard. This provides support to develop process management capability and governs the standard for design and modeling of business processes at NAB. The creation and management of business processes is performed by those ultimately owning the processes.

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