The challenges for KMD

KMD is a large IT services business located in Denmark. Recently, the company’s Quality, Compliance & Consulting (QCC) team received a clear mandate from management to “de-silo” KMD’s processes, and make them accessible to everyone within the company. 

The QCC team discovered that KMD’s process repository contained over 500 individual process models, many of them redundant or no longer used. With this enormous quantity of processes, KMD decided to prioritize the processes critical to the company maintaining its ISO certification, which was essential to ensure the business could deliver services to public institutions.

During their investigations, KMD also discovered the process documentation was not fulfilling requirements for the company's international workforce. In addition, the existing process repository was outdated and very time-consuming to maintain.

The response

To overcome these issues, and make KMD’s business processes available to all who needed them, the company decided to start from scratch. Using the workflow management and process optimization tools in the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, KMD was able to:

  • Refine and recreate workflows and process models using Signavio Process Manager
  • Cut down the number of process models from over 500 to just 108
  • Create a single source of truth for the process documentation accessible to everyone with the Signavio Collaboration Hub

The next step for KMD is to take advantage of the all-in-one technology of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite to conduct a process mining initiative, to optimize their processes even further.