People-Focused Process Management at INTI

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The challenges of INTI

Serving over 17,500 students across six different university campuses in Malaysia meant INTI’s workforce was divided into distinct and geographically dispersed teams. This diversity of locations meant ‘standard operating procedures’  were being interpreted and implemented differently. INTI decided to unleash the power of the digital transformation with a primary goal in mind: standardize operations across their six campuses and simplify the daily routine of their team.

The response

For the most part, INTI’s SOPs were text-heavy documents, with few to no process diagrams or visual representations to define the way each process should operate. Thanks to their great team effort and the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, they were able to:

  • Standardize SOPs across the six campuses, including making them more visual and easy to read
  • Optimize and simplify the finance team function with a strong underlying process framework
  • Identify the repetitive tasks in their processes and build a strong foundation for their RPA initiative
  • Gain in collaboration, agility and responsiveness, especially necessary in unprecedented circumstances (as during the global pandemic)

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About INTI

Founded in 1986, INTI International University & Colleges serves over 17,500 students and close to 1,400 academics and staff across INTI’s six campuses in Malaysia.