The challenges of Driscoll's

In the face of widespread staffing shortages caused by the COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine efforts, Driscoll’s had to react fast to secure its global supply chain and maintain a level of service to delight their berry consumers, even during the crisis. This in turn needed staff - but many staff were unavailable, working in reduced capacity, or stuck at home.

The response

To tackle this challenge, Driscoll’s resolved to implement a system of cross-training critical roles. By upskilling staff so they could fill different positions than their usual responsibilities, the company could continue executing their core processes, and maintain their high standards of customer service. 

To prepare for the cross-training program, the company relied on the Signavio Business Transformation Suite to supply the process information and documentation needed to upskill their staff. 

Thanks to early investments in digital transformation, powered by Signavio, Driscoll’s had their core business processes defined, documented and available company-wide to tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19 and keep their business on track. 

In essence, using the modeling and analysis tools within the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, Driscoll’s had:

  • a clear understanding of how their processes operated
  • precise knowledge of which processes were mission-critical
  • immediate oversight of process owners across the company.

This allowed Driscoll’s to quickly and smoothly pivot to a cross-training program, even in the midst of a crisis, because the company’s underlying process framework was solid – thanks to Signavio.