The challenges facing Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola has been one of the best-known brands in the world for over 120 years. However, even a well-established, multinational giant like Coca-Cola needs to reinvent itself from time to time, to fulfill the expectations of its employees and customers. The Europe-based bottling company Coca-Cola European Partners forms part of this constant reinvention. Created in 2016 as a fusion of three individual EU-based predecessor companies, the new alignment requires transformation initiatives across many levels of business.

The solution

To guide the company through this transformation successfully, Coca-Cola European Partners introduced professional process management technology from Signavio. The company’s goals included the successful integration and promotion of diversity, sustainability, and operational excellence. Furthermore, change management was expected to bear fruit in other areas, like customer satisfaction. With this, Coca-Cola European Partners set their sights on the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite to streamline this complex transformation project.

New ways of working

The in-house business process management team will be at the heart of the entire initiative. The team will be responsible for the coordination and layout of the project, in line with the requirements of a modern work environment: cooperation and individual responsibility, instead of a rigid set of rules.

"To me, business transformation management means having a finger on the pulse of the company, and the ability to implement good ideas quickly."

Gottfried Koch,
Director Business Process Management, Coca-Cola European Partners

By using the modeling & analysis tools within the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, Coca-Cola European Partners was able to:

  • Unite individual teams working across Europe
  • Establish a single, internal source of truth
  • Optimize its business processes continuously

This major transformation initiative has helped Coca-Cola European Partners promote diversity and sustainability within its organization while strengthening operational excellence. Indeed, by delivering new levels of operational excellence, this successful change management project has also had a positive impact on customer satisfaction, in particular. For Coca-Cola European Partners, OpEx and customer satisfaction go hand in hand, with the power of process supporting & driving these transformation necessities.

"We would definitely recommend the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. It combines entirely new approaches to collaboration options across remote locations with excellent analytical functions. The Suite has enriched and improved our company-wide change management."

Gottfried Koch,
Director Business Process Management, Coca-Cola European Partners

About Coca-Cola Europeans Partners:

Coca-Cola European Partners plc (CCEP), headquartered in Uxbridge, UK, is responsible for bottling and distributing Coca-Cola branded products in 13 European countries. With an annual sales volume of almost 14.2 billion liters and around 24,000 employees, Coca-Cola European Partners is one of the leading consumer goods manufacturers in Europe. In Germany, CCEP works closely with Coca-Cola GmbH, which, as a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, is responsible for brand management and product and packaging development. Further information is available at
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