Professional business process management is an important tool for health insurance companies. An organization-wide process platform is being deployed for the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse Brandenburg (AOK). The Signavio Process Editor Enterprise Edition replaces a range of other tools. Several thousand process models are migrated from an ARIS®-installation and automatically fed into the Signavio Process Editor.

Each of the involved AOK subsidiaries is an autonomous company and designs and manages its own processes. All of them have their own modeling workspace but share the models with the other subsidiaries. Thus, they can learn from and help each other in their organizational development. All models include information about process frequency and execution times for tasks. This is the basis for the HR demand planning. Excel reports are directly generated from the process models. By benchmarking processes across organizations, improvement potential can be quickly identified.
This shared process-oriented approach generates synergies, also during the implementation of IT-systems. Thus, the impacts of the new SAP-system „Oscare®“ on the business processes can be analyzed. AOK chose an on-premise installation of Signavio and replaced all existing tools such as ARIS® and Visio® completely. More than 4,000 process models were directly migrated from existing ARIS®-repositories.Using Signavio‘s commenting function, experts as well as process participants can be involved in process review sessions. Thereupon, the resulting ideas are factored into the models by the process modelers.
The integrated dictionary enables a simple maintenance of important terms such as job descriptions. The process modelers at AOK were able to use the auto completion function and other editor functions with only minor training efforts.