Effective Business/IT alignment based on BPMN

Here, Signavio offers a solution for standardized and consistent documentation of the processes. The tool enables the involvement of all participants in the process organization. The total number of modeling users at 1&1 are in the high hundreds. By offering a discussion functionality as well as comprehensive means for analysis, Signavio is facilitating professional business process management at 1&1.

Additionally, the dictionary of the Signavio Process Editor enables the maintenance of reusable model objects such as IT-systems. In general, process modeling with this tool is perceived as very intuitive. The familiarization with auto-completion and other editor functions took place rapidly. All relevant documents can be accessed across locations. This leads to an increased transparency and streamlined processes. At 1&1, the IT environment incorporates Windows computers as well as Linux workstations. For this reason, the platform neutrality of the BPM tool was an important requirement. Using the Signavio Process Editor, the process landscape is created and managed only by the use of a modern web browser. It can be implemented in any technological environment smoothly.