Signavio: The Collaborative Business Process Management Software Program

Why is it so easy for people to edit one another's texts and share their expertise online, but there’s no collaborative process management software out there? The founders of Signavio asked themselves this exact question while they were carrying out a research project at the Hasso-Plattner Institute.


From the Idea to Business Process Management Software


A product was quickly developed based on this idea. Admittedly, there is a considerable market for process management software, yet people predominantly use drawing tools that aren’t designed for professional process modeling. Similarly, there are complex BPM tools available, but these are only accessible for employees who have been taught how to use them.


Really, the whole team ought to be able to work with process management software; so it was on this premise that the SAP Signavio Process Manager was developed. The software doesn’t just enable social networking based around business processes, it is also Europe’s first completely web-based modeling software to surface on the market. For the first time, companies are able to work on their models via the web browser, from anywhere they wish. Since the company was founded, more than 500 customers from all over the world have decided to use our Business Process Management Software. The Cloud is clearly becoming an increasingly popular choice, as the Software as a Service (SaaS) version offers full flexibility, while also saving businesses money on their maintenance and administration costs.


Work collaboratively across departments with just one piece of Business Management Software


It’s been shown over and over again how important collaborative process management is across all different industries and business of all sizes. The collaborative functions of our process management software particularly wins people over, not forgetting its intuitive usability.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is a complete novice or a process professional - every employee can be included in process management, model their processes in tables with BPMN 2.0 and exchange ideas about process steps with colleagues; through the comments function. In this way, everyone is able to contribute to the long term improvement of processes. We’ve also explained our Business Process Management software for you in short a video. Have a look at our YouTube channel!


Choose the next generation BPM tool

Through the use of collaborative Business Process Management software, people’s understanding of BPM grows throughout the organisation and, as a consequence, they also gain a better understanding of quality standards and imposed norms. Employees become part of the process management, so they don’t feel estranged or like they’re being controlled.

Would you like to know more about implementing innovative process management software across different industries and projects? Have a look at our testimonials, there will definitely be something relevant to your line of business. “Testing a product out is far more important than just studying it for hours on end” - is something we’re convinced of here at Signavio. If you don’t just want to read about it and would rather actually test out the SAP Signavio Process Manager for yourself, then register now for the test version of our business process management software - free for 30 days!