Seamless integration with lightweight Add-Ons and APIs. Thanks to extensive Mashup- and REST-APIs, the Signavio Process Manager can be integrated easily and interactively into third-party applications.

With the Signavio-REST-API you can, for example, access the Signavio repository without extensive programming effort. The Mashup-API, however, is a separate JavaScript library, that allows the embedding of Signavio-diagrams into your web application.

Depending on your requirements, the APIs can be used in different ways: Insert model changes with the help of a REST-API, or recall data from other applications. The Mashup-API helps you, amongst other things, to visualize dashboard-data via process models.

In addition, Signavio offers a connection to your in-house Active Directory®. Use our extensive Add-Ons when you want to highlight diagram elements by overlay, or show additional elements.

Feel free to contact us for further information. We are happy to help you find a suitable interface for your project.