The SAP® Solution Manager is the central tool for implementation and the operation of SAP® applications. Use the innovative interface between Signavio and the SAP® Solution Manager and involve your colleagues in all phases of your projects.

With the help of a predefined interface, you can easily connect your Signavio account and your SAP® Solution Manager and thus, improve the communication between the business department and IT.

Thanks to an automated synchronization mechanism, the content of both systems e.g. transactions, process models and logic components, can be synchronized in both directions. When making modifications in the process diagram, the changes are synchronized with the content of the SAP® Solution Manager. Similarly, you can access documents in Signavio Process Manager or select transactions which have been deposited in the SAP® Solution Manager.

With Signavio, the complete process architecture can be published in one web-view and thus significantly improve the communication and transparency in a company. The connector for SAP® Solution Manager is available for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.