Just as everyone has their own style of writing, every modeler has their own modeling style. Even in the modeling standard BPMN 2.0, there are numerous possibilities for the documentation of a single process. Modeling conventions help to guarantee a uniform and standardized way of modeling processes throughout an entire company or organization.

In addition to offering individually configurable modeling conventions, Signavio Process Manager automatically checks that modeling conforms to the regulations. Users can immediately identify modeling mistakes while modeling and correct them right away. Once the administrator has set the modeling rules, all users of the workspace can benefit from this automatic validation each time the document is saved. Depending on your preference, you can either enter your company-specific modeling rules into the Signavio Process Manager or simply access a collection of best practice rules, like the eCH-modeling conventions or the BPMN Method & Style Guidelines.

With the Signavio Process Manager, you can thus ensure the quality of your process models and more!