Easily create DMN requirements diagrams, share them with collaborators and publish final decisions in the Collaboration Hub.

Make smarter decisions, increase compliance and reduce risks by analyzing business decisions in DMN requirements diagrams (DRD) with the Signavio Process Manager. DRD are comprised of a set of DMN elements, and their connection rules. Diagrams can be connected to BPMN process models, enabling processes and decisions to be managed in one platform. As with every diagram in Signavio, collaboration is facilitated through sharing of DRD for editing or comments and via publication in the collaboration portal.

The decision modeler fully supports DMN, not only allowing users to create custom attributes with the dictionary setup but also to create a subset of DMN shapes. The modeling of business decisions is supported, including at least one top level decision, supporting or dependent decisions, input data, and other DMN elements. Each decision addresses a specific question – the question that is resolved. You can get started with your Business Decision Management right away, with our 30 day free trial.