Increase employee’s understanding of business decisions with evaluation in clear and well-defined decision tables.

The Signavio Process Manager provides a robust decision table capability, enabling users to combine processes and decisions in one integrated platform. Decision tables are vital for Business Decision Management as they contain the information, which underpins each decision. By defining the variables required for your decision in the decision table, the decision-making process is considerably simplified. Your organization also benefits from automatic checks for overlaps, gaps and inconsistencies in the table rules. The easy to use spreadsheet-style format of the Signavio Decision Table Modeler helps to make the decision logic, upon which business decisions are based, understandable for all employees.

In addition to input values, define the corresponding results to provide a comprehensive resource for making decisions conforming to the rules. By defining the structured rules, you provide the basis for consistent and compliant decisions. Create decision tables and try the Signavio Process Manager for yourself with our free 30 day trial.