Thanks to sophisticated APIs and add-ons, Signavio Process Manager data can easily be integrated into 3rd party applications. Embed the web-based tool into a variety of other rules engines and workflow engines and benefit from seamless integration.

With the REST-API, the entire Signavio repository, including all attributes and objects, can be conveniently accessed. Applications can authenticate a user against the user or group privileges and changes can be made to models or DMN requirements diagrams from a 3rd party system.

Make the most of the opportunity to synchronize your SAP IT landscape with decisions from your Signavio repository. Using the Mashup API embed your Signavio Decision Requirements Diagrams easily into another web application so relevant information can is visible from your models.

If you would like integrate the Signavio Process Manager into a 3rd party application but are unsure which API is suitable then send us an email to or call us on: +49 30 856 21 54-0. We are happy to help and and advise you on the choice of an appropriate interface.