What makes your company better than your competitors? It might be your products, it might be your people, but the first thing customers will notice is their experience interacting with your business.

Increased competition and more choices for consumers make an extraordinary customer experience the norm in any industry.

The best way to improve your company’s customer experience is to take an outside-in approach to evaluating the processes that go on behind-the-scenes. By mapping out each step along the customer’s journey, you can see places where uncertainty, delays, or incomplete information exist.

Connecting the dots between CX and operations

Signavio Customer Journey Mapping allows you to connect the dots between CX and operations. By changing your perspective to that of the customer, you view your processes, decisions, IT systems, and organizational roles in a different light.

Getting everyone on the same page

Customer touch points, customer decision journey, engagement strategy, CX design, or just plain old customer service — no matter the name you give it, it’s likely that your organization is evaluating your customer experience already. But you’re probably not approaching it from an organization-wide perspective. And without getting everyone on the same page, the customer journey can’t be optimized.

The outdated approach to customer journey mapping only considered the business needs along the way: trying to save time, money, and resources. But what’s the point of an extremely efficient process if it turns off your customers and costs you potential business?

It’s time to rethink things. Today, entire organizations need to align their priorities — and processes — by connecting them to a customer journey map. This shifts the thinking from internal efficiency to external, customer-driven effectiveness.

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