ITIL®2011 Process Library

ITIL®2011 Process Library
ITIL® Process Library mood

ITIL® is a collection of proven best practices for the organization of a sustainably value-creating process-oriented IT operations.

On average, 40 percent of IT operating costs can be attributed to troubleshooting. Using the ITIL 2011 edition of Signavio, you can help your organization largely reduce this cost and establish efficient IT operations.

ITIL® 2011 Process Library and BPMN 2.0

The Signavio Process Library combines ITIL with BPMN standards to provide highly valuable process-oriented guidance for developing and implementing ITSM systems. The library is a complete reference guide of best practice process models based on the ITIL® 2011 international standard.
The tool is a result of a joint effort with our Certified Partner, Dipl.-Ing. Walter Abel Management Consulting, who helped create the basis for the reference process collection. The partnership produced approximately 120 process diagrams that contain intuitively constructed and valuable information. The comprehensive BPMN 2.0 compliant diagrams can also be customized to fit any organization’s specific IT Service Management (ITSM) requirements.

How to Get the Process Library

You can sign up for the free trial of the ITIL® 2011 process library right here. After you have registered for the service, we can also show you the reference processes in a private web demonstration. Please contact us via phone +49 30 8562 154-0 or send an email to for scheduling the presentation.

Benefits of the Signavio ITIL® 2011 Process Library

  • Save time during process discovery and modeling
  • Access comprehensive checklists and document templates
  • Understand ITSM interfaces
  • Introduce process-oriented ITSM systems
  • introduce ITSM systems in a process-oriented way
  • Fully leverage both ITIL® 2011 and BPMN 2.0
  • Establish an organizational overview
Free registration for the ITIL® 2011 Process Library

Solution overview

Signavio ITIL® 2011 Edition *
Price per user / month request a quote
120 process models in BPMN 2.0 yes
Checklists and document templates yes
Responsibility matrices following the RACI standard yes
Adaptable to an organization’s needs * yes
Completeness check for your own ITSM process model yes
Reviewing of process drafts yes
Process publication for all employees yes
* Editing limited to 1 modeling user



Dipl.-Ing. Walter Abel Management Consulting

Based in Austria, Dipl.-Ing. Walter Abel Management Consulting enables international customers through realization-oriented services in the areas of strategy definition and optimization, process-oriented consulting, … more

The ITIL® 2011 Process Library: efficient process configuration for electronic data processing

The Signavio Process Editor has optimal applications on offer in the area of electronic data processing (EDV). By using the ITIL® 2011 Process Library to help you model your processes you’re putting yourself at a huge advantage, as it makes orientating yourself with the international standards and implementing your processes much more manageable. The ITIL® Process Library supports ITSM projects and includes around 120 process diagrams, which make modelling easier for you. It’s all to do with the combination of the recognised best practices in electronic data processing. Obviously, you are also able to customise it to integrate with the data in your enterprise.

Start reaping the benefits right away!

Through the ITIL® 2011 Process Library you are able to significantly accelerate your projects and considerably reduce the amount of work you have to do. The ITIL® 2011 Process Library provides you with a consistency check of the planned ITSM process model, as well as check lists and documentation templates. It’s easy to assign responsibilities using the RACI Matrix. You can find out further information about the ITIL® Process Library in our info flyer.

We are also happy to give you advice via email, simply contact us at or give us a call on +49 30 8563 154-0.