BPM Trends for 2021: Signavio Customers & Partners

Written by Lucas de Boer | 2 min read
Published on: January 16th 2021 - Last modified: January 20th, 2021
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In the second part of our blog series on the year ahead, our customers and partners offer their predictions for the biggest BPM trends for 2021.

What are the BPM trends for 2021?

We know successful and lasting process management initiatives thrive via collaboration. Exchange with other users means best practices can be established across departmental and company boundaries — and across the process industry as a whole. BPM trends for 2021 will reflect this reality, though the lasting impact of COVID-19 means collaboration will look very different.

Signavio CEO Dr. Gero Decker has already offered his 2021 process predictions. Now, we can hear directly from the people who use Signavio technology every day to drive sustainable business transformation across their businesses.

Process mining, data integrity and culture

BPM trend 1: BPM will become even more part of corporate culture and management

"I think BPM is still often seen as part of IT. With COVID-19 and the resulting changes in our working style, the BPM culture has to evolve. So I think BPM will be even more a part of corporate culture and management in the future."

Paavo Heikkinen, Business Process Manager, VAT Group

BPM trend 2: Data integrity will come to the fore in process mapping

"The use of AI for data analysis is becoming more and more important. In the future, process mapping will therefore be less about extracting data, but about ensuring the integrity of this data. Process mappers should therefore see themselves as project managers who can help implement the changes identified by AI solutions."

Christopher Shaw, Continuous Improvement Manager, Prudential Financial

BPM trend 3: Process mining will grow like never before

"Process mining will grow faster than any other technology in BPM this year. Although process discovery is an important part of process intelligence analysis, the focus will move beyond the top-down approach of process visualisation to a deeper bottom-up approach. I believe this will permanently improve the optimization process."

Venessa de Wet, Head Of Marketing, SolArch Consulting

The lasting impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting businesses worldwide. Efficient process management can help organizations of all shapes and sizes strengthen their resilience and survive in difficult times, but one question remains for our clients and partners: Do you think process professionals will be better equipped to deal with disruptive change after COVID-19?

"I am sure that companies and individuals that have reached a high BPM maturity level will have an easier time adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19. Higher BPM maturity gives these companies better visibility and control over their business and operations. A well-documented process landscape increases their own transparency and flexibility. This increases the speed of response to changes and challenges."

Paavo Heikkinen, Business Process Manager, VAT Group

"I think it is a constant challenge for process professionals to get the right level of engagement and insight into processes. My experience is that I miss the conversations at the 'water cooler' where problems are identified or even solved. Staff need to be trained to report process failures in a remote work environment in a timely manner and not just rely on the process experts."

Ben Johnson, Senior Business Analyst, Property Exchange Australia Ltd

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Published on: January 16th 2021 - Last modified: January 20th, 2021