West Health is focused on the enhancing health care for everyone.

West Health and its four entities aim to provide people with a lower cost for health care. The organization creates innovative, patient-centered solutions that deliver the appropriate care to each individual.

Gary and Mary West is the philanthropic couple who solely funds the West Health entities, which include non-profit West Health Institute and West Health Policy Center, as well as for-profit West Health Investment Fund and West Health Incubator.The couple’s passion for making a significant and positive impact on the unsustainable rising health care costs is apparent in their efforts to identify at least $100 billion in savings over the next decade.

The organization as a whole sets out to address the cost crisis in U.S. health care. In early 2013 West Health Institute released the study “The Value of Medical Device Interoperability: Improving patient care with more than $30 billion in annual health care savings” - with the impact made obvious in the title. The organization is headquartered in San Diego, California, and continues to conduct relevant health care research that aid in advancing people-centered health care policy reform.