WM AG aimed at documenting business processes and IT processes in an integrated model and making it usable for the day-to-day business. The Signavio Process Editor supports by offering the standardized notation BPMN together with WM-specific extensions to the meta-model. The dictionary enables consistent wording throughout the process architecture and fast navigation between related processes. Thomas Trapmann, WM Fahrzeugteile

Wessels+Müller AG is a medium-sized wholesaler specialized in vehicle parts, tires and garage equipment. Being one of the biggest and most reliable suppliers for car retail and garages, WM Fahrzeugteile runs a sophisticated IT infrastructure supporting enterprise resource planning and logistics. This enables the company to deliver parts within 24 hours.
Signavio’s consulting partner 'conspective' helped to create a comprehensive documentation of the business processes using BPMN 2.0 and the Signavio Process Editor. Especially the dependencies between processes and IT systems have been of main interest. This transparency eases the operations and maintenance of the IT systems.

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite has been available since April 2017. Signavio Process Manager unites Process Editor with Decision Manager. These are joined by Signavio Workflow Accelerator and Signavio Process Intelligence as part of the Suite.