IWB is the company for energy, water and telecoms. It supplies and connects its customers in Basel and the surrounding region with commitment, expertise and reliability. IWB is a leading provider of renewable energy and energy efficiency. www.iwb.ch



The company is heading for a fully renewable supply that allows an efficient, environ­mentally friendly and economic use of energy. IWB already produces more renewable electricity in its plants than its customers in Basel are able to use. IWB invests directly in the expansion of its power plant portfolio and development of new business models.

The company supplies its customers with 100% renewable electricity, renewable district heating, drinking water and biogas natural gas. It offers tailored services and solutions for the efficient use of energy and telecoms.
Its customer base includes more than 250,000 households, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry and administration.

IWB provides the highest quality at competitive prices. It produces renewable energy in the Basel area, in Switzerland and in selected European countries. It owns and manages all the necessary facilities for the distribution, storage and quality control of energy, water and telecoms.

IWB takes its responsibilities towards the environment and society very seriously. About 800 employees are the foundation of the company‘s success.