Rossmann – growth by systematic expansion

The Dirk Rossmann GmbH was founded in 1972 in Hanover by Dirk Rossmann and is the second largest drugstore chain in Germany. ROSSMANN has more than 3,000 drugstores across six European countries. The company has more than 1.900 stores in Germany alone, and its head office is situated in Burgwedel. The drugstore chain also boasts more than 28,000 employees. In 2013 ROSSMANN was distinguished as a “champion of business expansion within the German market” by the newspaper “Die Welt” and management consultancy firm “Accenture”. This title pays tribute to the strategic farsighted guidance of the enterprise, which has facilitated its continuous growth.

The drugstore chain, known for its red and white branding, has over 17,500 different items for sale in the biggest retail outlets. Besides the pharma­ceutical goods ROSSMANN also stocks animal food, health food and and an array of different wines, as well as a photo development service. 800 ROSSMANN drugstores also stock toys, as well as a range of school goods and stationery. Since 1997, ROSSMANN has also had an assortment of different home-brand goods on offer. In addition to this, the Dirk ROSSMANN GmbH is also involved in numerous social and environmental projects.