Audi BKK is a health care provider and partner for occupational health management in the regions in which it has office locations.


As a traditional service provider, we act as people for people and use our experience to the benefit of our customers and partners. We feel a strong responsibility towards our customer and constantly adapt our quality standards to your needs. The Audi BKK received several awards for its personal service, range of services and low insurance contribution rates. Nationwide, we are one of the fastest growing insurers ever. We offer innovative care concepts and make quality assured medical progress available.

As a nationwide company health insurer, Audi BKK manages more than 691,000 insured persons in 29 service centers at all production sites of Volkswagen, Audi and MAN Truck & Bus as well as in Eichstätt, Neuburg, Singen, Seelze, Gifhorn, Helmstedt, Neumarkt, Augsburg, Ebern, Coburg and Neunkirchen. Around 700 employees look after our customers personally and competently. Headquarters are in Ingolstadt.