Management|Sign Contract

Review and sign a document, archive the signed copy and notify the requester.

Process goal

Sign a document and archive the signed copy.


Managers frequently have to sign contracts, and approve other documents. This may take some time, if a backlog has built up, in which case the requester needs some visibility.


Manual - the requester uploads a document for a manager to sign.


The core process consists of tasks for the signer to review the document and then sign it. Signavio Process Governance then archives the signed document and notifies the requester.

This process includes three additional scenarios:

  1. The signer requests that someone else sign the document, and reassigns the Signer role.
  2. The signer requests a change to the document, and the requester gets a new task to update the document.
  3. The signer declines to sign the document, and the requester receives a notification.


  • Requester - submits the document and makes any required corrections.
  • Signer - responsible for deciding whether to sign the document, and adding the signature.


  • Original document (File, mandatory) - the document that requires a signature.
  • Change request (Text, multiple values) - a correction or addition that the signer requests before signing.
  • Signed document (File, mandatory).


You could simplify the process by removing one or more of the extra cases.

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