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Send a job offer letter to a successful job applicant.

Process goal

Send a job offer letter to a successful job applicant.


Recruiting an employee requires a long elapsed time to complete - typically a couple of months - and involves a number of people. Unless very few people apply for jobs, the recruitment team will have to handle a large number of cases at the same time. This process requires someone to assign tasks to the people who do different types of work, such as interviewing or preparing a contract.


Form - for uploading the candidate’s CV.


A recruitment process consists of a series of decisions, to reject the candidate or continue. This simplified process has these decision points after evaluating the applicant’s CV and a single interview.

If the hiring manager rejects the applicant at either stage, Signavio Process Governance sends a standard rejection email.


  • Hiring manager - the person who takes responsibility for assessing a candidate and whether to reject the candidate or proceed: the Evaluate CV and Interview candidate tasks.
  • Recruiter - an HR assistant who coordinates the recruitment process: the Plan interview and Send job offer tasks.


  • CV (File, mandatory) - the applicant’s CV, provided by the trigger form.
  • Candidate email (Email address, mandatory) - the email address that Signavio Process Governance uses to send a rejection email.


  • The trigger form could allow uploading additional documents, such as a covering letter, which some organisations like to receive.
  • Instead of a trigger form, use an e-mail trigger to accept applications by e-mail, including the CV as an attachment.
  • If the organisation has to deal with a high case volume, the trigger form could capture information that you could use to prioritise cases, such as the Candidate availability date.
  • The trigger form could include additional information to allow automatic pre-screening, to cover cases that do not justify starting the process, such as an applicant with no work visa.
  • You could add additional interview stages, such as a telephone screen, second interview, or a post-offer visit.

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