Management|Approve Meeting Minutes

Review, approve, archive and distribute the minutes of a meeting.

Process goal

Review, approve, archive and distribute the minutes of a meeting.


When a formal meeting requires a written record, in the form of meeting minutes, the meeting attendees must all agree that the record accurately reflects the meeting. There is a tension between the need to get consensus on the minutes, and the minutes’ declining value over time. Use this process to help achieve timely meeting minutes approval.


Form - with a field for the draft minutes.


The process starts with a consultation among a fixed group of meeting attendees. Each every attendee approves the minutes, then they are distributed and archived. Otherwise, the secretary has a task to update the minutes before another round of voting.

Process model


  • Meeting secretary - who submits the draft minutes and makes any required updates.


  • Meeting minutes (File) - initially the draft meeting minutes, which are later approved or replaced with a new version.


The review tasks could include form fields for recording required changes, when the assignee rejects the minutes.

A rejection could trigger a status notification, to alert attendees that a revision round is required.

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