Industry 4.0 is the coming of age for automation and the dawn of big data reciprocity. The next-gen strategy is blurring the gap between the physical & digital to create dynamic manufacturing enterprises that are both interconnected and capable of fact-based, objective decision-making. Now, it is time to boost this value! Harness intelligent process management, mining & automation with a digital twin of an organization (DTO) for Industry 4.0 process efficiency.

Leverage the value of Industry 4.0 & digital twins

“Imagine the power of a process model that defines the pace of your production. Imagine process mining insights, which allow you to feel the pulse of actual process performance. Imagine a digital twin as a virtual representation of your manufacturing processes... Now stop imagining - that reality is here!”

Dr. Gero Decker, Signavio CEO & Co-founder

The Signavio all-in-one platform is the leading intelligent solution to offer the power of modeling and mining to define & monitor processes. Signavio supports Industry 4.0 manufacturing to design, simulate, and monitor - ensuring transformation value is part of your company’s DNA.

Signavio takes the pulse of your manufacturing systems by depicting processes in easy to understand models and visualizing actual process flows, helping you to rethink industry practices and processes to maximize fresh gains.

Our flexible software becomes your centralized location for business knowledge - providing C-Suite & decision-makers with the most up-to-date data, improving accountability among the workforce to drive change & isolate causes, e.g. across different plants.

This way, processes, products, and materials can be connected to generate a virtual digital twin of an organization (DTO), allowing for simulations and real-time decisions. Processes can then be continuously improved with process mining to deep-dive into business environments.

Practical benefits from the heart of industrial manufacturing:

  • Critical workflows and operational processes: Minimize human error by improving continuity and business process performance. Continuously improve with process mining.
  • Adaptive technology: Get alerted to potential bottlenecks before they occur. Identify potential for automation, e.g. batch processing/RPA.
  • Scalable: Build your digital twin at scale, and let it handle millions of activities and tasks, multiple processes & workflows.

Feel the beat of Industry 4.0 ERP transformation with next-gen SAP S/4HANA® migration.
Watch how Signavio supports SAP process service along their critical transformation to move customers to S/4HANA®. Discover the vital connections between process transparency, cloud, and customer experience for creating the organization of the future.

Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)

“Digital process twins not only allow us to visualize processes as they should happen, but also provide a visual of how processes deploy. The software supports identifying process inefficiencies and enables a more collaborative approach, with all employees getting the same insights while working towards performance improvement...”

Dr. Gero Decker, Signavio CEO & Co-founder

The Signavio digital twin of an organization (DTO) is a dynamic software model that provides a virtual visualization of how processes should happen (to-be) and how they actually happen (as-is). The Signavio digital twin thus helps you 1) understand how an organization operationalizes its business model in processes, 2) monitor process inefficiencies, and 3) track process improvement measures.

… Signavio answers the big “What if…?” questions about how your business processes function!

Leverage digital twin objective visualization and understanding of processes for swift adjustments as they are required, e.g. in a business resilience crisis, which requires adjustment in supply chains.

Practical benefits from the heart of industrial manufacturing:

  • Value stream analysis: Monitor your value streams in near real-time, with full transparency regarding all production steps, times, delays, and effort drivers.
  • Bottleneck transparency: Identify bottlenecks in your production process and optimize your production flow accordingly.
  • Line jumpers: Identify non-planned jumpers between different production lines, identify reasons, and adjust your production lines accordingly.

Signavio: Raising the pulse of your Industry 4.0 process success

The signavio platform offers a range of significant benefits for the manufacturing 4.0 revolution. Take a look at how the solution answers critical industry needs, grouped under several use cases for competitive differentiation.

Radically simplify & design critical processes

Build your digital twin! Handle millions of activities and tasks, multiple processes and workflows, and coordinate all business functions globally. Design and deploy critical business processes, with easy-to-understand visuals while leveraging a reliable repository of knowledge and intellectual assets. Set quality standards and business rules with preset business KPIs fully customizable to your working needs.

Build a single, seamless system

Standardize processes across your entire firm, including different business units and geographic locations. Assess the usefulness of your company’s back-end legacy systems, and update them where appropriate. Unlock critical opportunities to improve your IT infrastructure and business/IT alignment. Connect tech with a dollar value, so you earn more by streamlining operations.

Build customer loyalty

Expectations are changing, and manufacturers worldwide need to improve operational perspectives by looking towards the customer. Journey mapping is essential across all personas. Put these vital customer-centric process perspectives at the heart of your operations. Identify contact points, and drive process improvement by understanding exactly how people experience your enterprise.

Navigate risk, compliance & governance

Build a stable and consistent process environment, so compliance and governance violations can be detected, and risks responded to rapidly. Better simulate scenarios, test controls, and improve your organizational response times with fully automated conformance checks—making complex manual reporting a thing of the past.

Signavio: The future of manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Unleash the power of Signavio and transform your operations today! If you’d like to learn more or schedule a product demo, get in touch. Or, if you’d like to test Signavio solutions out for yourself, simply sign-up for a free 30-day trial today.