Yancoal Australia is a leading Australian coal producer in the global seaborne market. Yancoal operates, owns or has an interest in nine producing coal mines across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, and employs 4,500 full time workers. Yancoal develops business strategy and continued focus to deliver operational efficiencies, to provide customers with the certainty of product quality and delivery, as well as to contribute to the well-being of its workforce and the prosperity of communities.

To bring the vision of future intelligent mining enterprise to life, Yancoal develops business and technology strategy to gain a holistic view of operations and have a more agile way to plan the lifecycle of the mines, manage the supply chain and gain visibility into long-term profitability and sustainability.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • The SAP ECC platform has served Yancoal well for the last 10 years but ultimately it will not support innovations to provide business with access to the modern advanced capabilities in the future
  • Cost-efficiency does not balance operation efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Outdated user experience for employees and business stakeholders
  • Opportunity to adopt new ways of working via mobility, supply chain collaboration, and new/emerging technology.


  • A standardised, fully integrated digital core of SAP S/4HANA provides the foundation for digitisation, mobility, artificial intelligence, robotics and process automation, and reducing IT overhead and cost
  • SAP S/4HANA roadmap delivers innovative functional capabilities to support business processes for Operations and Finance
  • Trusted partnership with SAP Cloud Success Services, close collaboration with Deloitte Australia and ASG Group Australia and the Yancoal business to ensure a successful transformation journey

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Established strategic and intelligent platform for real-time data processing, allowing budget, reforecast and actuals to be calculated
  • Efficiency gains through Group Reporting within the same SAP S/4HANA environment
  • IT optimization and stabilization of system performance through more automations of monitoring of processing time, data volume growth and security
  • Combined transactions and analytics on the same data store, enabling timely, actionable and accurate decision support insights within a transaction
  • Simplified user experience, user enablement and self-service, that delivers productivity gains, save on training costs, reduce dependency on IT and enhance user adoption

“The SAP S/4HANA upgrade provided Yancoal with the foundation to allow the business to advance their intelligent mining agenda through digitization, mobility and artificial intelligence, along with a reduced total cost of ownership. The winning formula for this successful project was due to the hard work, dedication, dynamic collaboration and can-do attitudes.”

Graham Slattery, ICT General Manager, Yancoal Australia