AJS Inc. is an IT services company that was initially established as the system management department of Asahi Kasei Corporation, a major comprehensive chemical manufacturer. As a standalone company, AJS provides system maintenance and operation services for leading Japanese manufacturing companies.

Operating multiple sales management systems and non-standardized processes that were optimized for specific business departments and tasks, AJS was hindered by complicated information communication tasks and inefficient data input.

It took too much time and effort for information to be communicated between different parties and information was not promptly reflected in the core business system. Needing to resolve these issues, the company sought a solution to consolidate its sales management systems and standardize its processes.

Before: Challenges and opportunities

  • Multiple sales management systems optimized for specific business departments and tasks, complicating information communication tasks and hindering efficient data input
  • Lack of shared workflows, with users creating their own manual business quality assurance
  • Non-standardized workflows for different departments, requiring internally transferred employees to learn new business processes


  • Extensive business process transformation functionality offered by the SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solutions, enabling continuous process improvement
  • Support for the creation of workflows, compliant with the Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0 international standard, providing high usability and simplified revision and reuse
  • Facilitation of business process transformation knowledge growth through SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub, allowing users to identify relevant issues and get a tangible sense of improvement

After: Value-driven results

  • Enabled process issues to be clarified through quantitative numbers, allowing the company to address staffing shortages, improve cycle time, and reduce overtime by 30%
  • Consolidated sales management systems, reducing relevant business costs
  • Captured issues as quantitative data and simplified target setting, boosting continuous improvement

“With SAP Signavio solutions, we were able to present our processes in an objective way, allowing us to communicate with a shared awareness of quantitative issues, instead of relying on intuition. This was a huge advantage.”

Koji Mori, Director of General Affairs Department, Corporate Division, AJS Inc.