Swiss eCH Standards

The eCH standards create a set of rules which reflect the E-Government strategy of Switzerland. They are to be understood as recommendations for electronic collaboration within Switzerland. If necessary, these eCH standards can also be defined as compulsory at federal government, canton or state level.

The eCH group is further building and developing the eCH standards. The eCH standards can even be applied to process management. The standards  eCH-0073, eCH-0074, eCH-0140 and eCH-0096 BPM Starterkit formulate the requirements that must be taken into consideration by the public administration and authorities of Switzerland.

eCH-0073: Documentation of public services and processes

This standard sets the requirements and specifications for standardized documentation of processes within the e-government of Switzerland. The eCH-0073 standard also determines a relevant modeling language for the documentation of processes. For e-government projects, Switzerland has chosen BPMN 2.0. This widespread modeling language enables the authorities to present e-government processes in a standardized way.

eCH-0074: Presenting business processes graphically

This standard describes the application of the modeling language BPMN for the standardized, graphic depiction of processes. The eCH-0074 standard was approved in 2011 and is now available in Version 2.0.

eCH-0096 BPM Starter Kit

The BPM starter kit offers basic support for documenting processes with the help of BPMN 2.0.

eCH-0140: Requirements for the description and presentation of processes of Swiss public administration

This standard describes rules and regulations which must be taken into consideration when modeling. As well as the definition of business processes, eCH-0140 includes descriptions of specialized process forms, for example, of cooperation processes.

Implementation of eCH standards with Signavio

SAP Signavio Process Manager fully implements BPMN 2.0 and offers comprehensive support with the introduction of eCH standards. Profit from our product package now, specially designed for your eCH initiative. All of our eCH packages allow you to test for conformity with the eCH-0158 modeling conventions. The consulting service is carried out by our Swiss partner, the Rigert Consulting AG.

SAP Signavio Process Manager in Action

If you’d like to get a first impression of how SAP Signavio Process Manager works with public administration, then you can read about the Parish Judiciary and Church Department of the canton Bern, which has already successfully implemented Signavio Process Manger. Read more about the deployment scenario here.

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