Most businesses won’t get very far without recognizing the importance of process simulation. It’s important to ask yourself what your most cost intensive activities are and how you could reduce these expenses.

For anyone who seriously wants to optimize their work processes, comparing the actual status of processes with how they should be is essential. Just modeling them simply isn’t enough. By simulating your processes in Signavio Process Manager, it’s possible to identify cost and time expenditures and to use this information to construct an optimal process.

The process simulation feature rounds off Signavio Process Manager’s extensive range of functions, and this is what truly makes it a next generation BPM software program. If you want to find out more, why not download our White Paper about process simulation? You’ll find the link directly under the table listing the features of our BPM tools.

From step-by-step scenarios to simulation of multiple cases

The basic function used for process simulation is the step-by-step scenario, which allows you to follow the process flow one element after another. On the contrary, the single case simulation function simulates a specific process flow and chooses a random path alongside it. Besides this function, it often makes more sense to compare lots of cases and analyze them,

as many different flows will be started; allowing bottlenecks to be identified. The so-called Multiple Case Scenario enables you to do exactly this, based on the operating figures you have recorded. This way you can easily design the best resource planning models for your business and make your processes as economically viable as possible.

Optimal cost and resource planning through process simulation

Process simulation also works very well with multiple cases and is just as straightforward. Determine different information about your processes directly in the simulation view. Costs, durations, frequencies, and resources can be defined alongside this. Finally, let the different scenarios play out and optimize your processes with the help of the results of the simulation.

Process optimization can be made easy and process simulation is no exception to the rule. If you’re interested, why not try out process simulation for free for 30 days? You’ll also get to discover numerous other functions of the Signavio Process Manager!