Welcome to the Signavio family, Siggi!

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Published on: May 21st 2019 - Last modified: December 12th, 2019
Siggi im Berliner Zoo

On May 11, our team met in Berlin Zoo to welcome a new addition to the Signavio family: Siggi, the springbok. With this new, exciting animal sponsorship our company celebrates a special anniversary: Signavio's 10th birthday! We’ll introduce our new team member shortly.

A special animal sponsorship: Siggi the springbok

Siggi is a springbok from the African antelope family and closely related to the gazelle. Together with another springbok, a leaflet, a kudu and a South African ostrich he lives in the antelope area of ​​the zoological garden in Berlin. Since May 11, 2019, he is officially a member of the Signavio family. The springbok was officially christened "Siggi" and has since obtained life-time sponsorship from Signavio.

What makes Siggi unique? Zookeepers and zoo visitors particularly appreciate the curiosity of the 5-year-old springbok from Münster. He is always thirsty for knowledge. Together with his roommates from the antelope house, he explores every meter of the common antelope area. Those who watch the springbok for a while, see immediately that he attaches great importance to harmony in the team — and thus fits perfectly into the Signavio family.

Signavio and the gazelle: Agile, fast, and jumping high!

Siggi is in the best shape to manage some extraordinarily high jumps. These animals from the antelope family have the ability to jump with a curved back up to 15 meters in height to warn their peers against enemies. And they can reach speeds of 90 km per hour.

With their speed and agility, Siggis' fellow family members inspired Signavio's founders to create their corporate logo: the jumping gazelle. The student research group behind Signavio who developed the first prototype of their innovative web-based BPMN solution at Potsdam's Hasso Plattner Institute, quickly named their software solution after an antelope: the oryx.

Initially released as an open source solution, the innovative technology became increasingly popular — after all, it was the first BPMN modeling tool to exploit the new capabilities of Web 2.0 and to create unique collaboration opportunities. Much like its namesake, the oryx antelope, the software impressed with its special agility, speed and dynamism. Since then, the software solution was able to impact more than 1,000 companies from different industries.

Ten years later, the student team has developed into an international company that is growing at a fast pace. Today, more than 300 employees work together toward one goal: products that customers love. We are excited about the new addition to the Signavio family and look forward to the future.


Published on: May 21st 2019 - Last modified: December 12th, 2019
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