Q3 2021 Product Update

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Published on: October 21st 2021 - Last modified: October 21st, 2021
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Our latest product update is all about giving you greater control in process mining investigations, new visualizations and new collaboration features, including how you share your results — or not! Read on to find out more about the Q3 2021 product update …

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence - reusing and locking investigations, widget improvements and templates

Reusing, locking and sharing investigations

With the Q3 release, you´ll save time by reusing and modifying existing investigations, avoiding the need to start them from scratch in a new workspace. Workspace administrators can now share investigations across processes and workspaces.

Anyone in the workspace can export investigations and then just as easily import them into new workspaces within seconds. This saves you time to recreate investigations and adopt them for further process analysis initiatives, using or modifying them according to your needs.

Lock your investigations so they are not visible to other users, enabling you to keep the results under wraps for a period of time. This allows for improved governance of your investigations, sharing only when you are ready for broader discussion across your organization.

Widget improvements

We have added a number of new capabilities to widgets:

  • New zoom option in our process discovery widget for improved usability
  • New chart type for your breakdown widgets to help visualize the distribution of your data: heat map or Sankey Charts
  • Pagination is now included, as well as the capacity to group, for all widgets with a table
  • For widgets configured with SIGNAL, a notification is now shown if results are limited by the query

New metrics + templates

Ten new metrics for Order-to-Cash processes are now available to be used as predefined queries or customized as necessary:

  • Lead time: sales document item creation to delivery creation
  • Lead time: invoice creation to accounts receivable clearing
  • Rejected sales document items
  • Return order items created
  • Deleted sales document items
  • Overdue and open Accounts Receivable items
  • Automation rate: sales document creation
  • Average invoice customer process time
  • Total number of sales orders
  • No-Touch-Order Rate

Separate transform and load phases + cancel extractions

For process analysts, you can now run the ‘Transform’ and ‘Load’ phases independently of each other.

Run transformation scripts without having to load the data again, helping to avoid putting extra strain on your source systems. Not only that, you can now cancel any extractions or transformations currently processed or scheduled, saving time and rework if circumstances change suddenly.

More transformation templates for Order-to-Cash or Meter-to-Cash are also available from your CSM, once again saving you time and effort in the transformation phase.

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub - clearer documentation and audit trails

With the previous introduction of Velocity Edition, we provided a new and modern UI, suitable for working with content from multiple applications. The latest features are an important step towards parity between Hub Classic and Velocity Edition.

Export any diagram you’ve created as a PDF, as well as being able to adjust the size, orientation and headers, or add a logo. We’ve also improved the Activities List (formerly known as the Task List). The Activity List offers better usability by adding RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) and the ability to filter by role or responsibility.

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler - improved journey model consumption

Until now, you could only link one process to a journey model. In reality, most customer journeys are linked to several processes within your company. To reflect this, now you can add multiple touchpoints — and search for them by folder structure.

In addition, the ability to add multiple items per cell in the journey model (or one item to multiple cells) makes the models more space efficient and readable. Ultimately this improves journey model consumption by shortening the length and removing empty spaces. This offers a better understanding of which processes and touchpoints belong together, and to which steps.

SAP Signavio Process Governance - formerly known as Signavio Workflow Accelerator

SAP Signavio Process Governance may not be a familiar name, but it soon will be — it’s the new name for Signavio Workflow Accelerator. Don’t worry, this change will not affect any of the current functionalities and features.

What the change will do is reflect our vision for the product, as well as future feature extensions. In particular, our vision of business process intelligence goes beyond pure process optimization and includes all aspects of modeling, collaborating, mining, customer excellence and, ultimately, a focus on workflows and process governance.

To find out more details about the latest product updates, take a look at our latest release notes.

Published on: October 21st 2021 - Last modified: October 21st, 2021
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