Process Intelligence: Interview with Dr. Gero Decker, CEO Signavio

Written by Anne-Teresa Patt | 3 min read
Published on: October 27th 2016 - Last modified: March 21st, 2022
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As you might have heard, here at Signavio we’ve been busily preparing the launch of our brand new product, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. It’s been an exciting and exhausting process, with all hands firmly on deck. We managed to take a few minutes out to catch up with our CEO, Dr. Gero Decker, and to ask him a few questions about the newest addition to the Signavio product portfolio.


The following interview will give you an overview of the significance of this new venture and of what it means for organizations who want to engage in data analysis.


A quick chat about Process Intelligence with our CEO, Dr. Gero Decker

With years of academic and professional experience in the BPM field, what better person to talk to about Process Intelligence than our very own CEO, Dr. Gero Decker. Find out what he’s most excited about with the new product launch below.

Hi Gero! Could you tell us briefly, what does Process Intelligence mean?

Gero: Process Intelligence means taking data that comes from transactional systems like ERP or CRM and looking at how the processes run in terms of how fast the performance of the process is, but also in terms of compliance. You then compare it with the future state process - so how you expect the process to be - and you are able to gain interesting insights that help you improve your processes even further.

What challenges does this overcome for businesses?

Gero: Many customers have a future state that they want to work towards; improving customer satisfaction, lowering their costs, being faster on certain things and so on. Often people already have a good feeling about where they want to go. The big question they always have is what do I have to do today that will deliver the greatest impact going forward? There are always so many things that you could do and that you could work on but the question is - what will yield the biggest result that will have the biggest impact? Process Intelligence does two things - it helps you focus on the things that are really important; to put the finger on where things need to be changed and it gives you a tool to measure whether or not you are improving over time with the change that you are applying.

Why has Signavio chosen to go down this route?

Gero: Personally, I’ve always been interested in Process Mining. I have an academic background in BPM and I’ve been in contact with it for a long time, but so far it didn’t really compliment nicely to what we were doing. Now, with data being everywhere and with our customers maturing on their BPM initiatives, it’s the right time to add to what we do on the collaborative process design path and allow them to delve into data analysis by showing them - here’s your future state process and here’s how your process actually runs.

What users would benefit most from the new product?

Gero: In order to be able to leverage Process Intelligence you should already have a certain starting point with BPM. So everyone who is using Signavio Process Editor for example, or collaborative process design, has typically already laid the necessary groundwork in thinking about process and talking about process. Process Intelligence allows people already familiar with BPM to delve into process analysis. Therefore those people benefitting from it the most are actually the likes of Business Managers in finance, in procurement, in manufacturing, in logistics, who are aware of the problems and challenges that they have with their operations and who want to go deep and understand what’s really going on and to learn what they have to change to improve things.

What 3 words best describe Process Intelligence?

Gero: Process Intelligence in three words is probably… “Data Tells a Story.” Ok, it’s four words but that’s what it does. It takes raw data and translates it into how you operationally work in a company.




If you’ve already started documenting your processes and would like to delve a little deeper into your BPM initiative, then Process Intelligence can provide you with the decisive insights you need to improve your operations. We’re happy to provide an individual appointment for a webdemo in order to show you the new components in detail: Contact us at





Published on: October 27th 2016 - Last modified: March 21st, 2022