Introducing Journey Model Complexity Scoring

Written by Timotheus Kampik | 2 min read
Published on: January 10th 2022 - Last modified: November 22nd, 2022
Product Release

In today’s fast-paced business environment, a holistic understanding of an organization’s business processes is crucial — but you can’t stop there. Equally important is understanding exactly how business processes affect the journeys that stakeholders experience, and how to continuously improve these journeys.

The Importance of Managing Complexity

A key factor vital to building a clear picture of how your organization's processes impact the customer journey is the management of complexity. For example, a complex talent acquisition process can negatively impact the applicants’ experience and hence reduce an organization’s ability to attract talent. Similarly, complex customer service processes can facilitate both churn or retention.

To allow a systematic assessment of customer journey complexity and its interaction with process complexity, we are introducing a complexity score for journey models.

Journey Complexity Scoring - Envisioned User Interface

Complexity Scoring for Single and Multiple Journey Models

Whether you consider a single journey model or multiple models, SAP Signavio’s journey complexity scoring helps you with answering the following questions, and more.

Single Journey: What are the central properties that make my journey complex?

Answering this question helps you identify key areas that may negatively impact the customer experience. For example, a journey that has many stages and is supported by generally complex processes can potentially be shortened to reduce churn.

Multiple Journeys: Why are some journeys -- or certain properties -- more complex than others?

Answering this question helps you benchmark one journey against another. For example, if a sales employee's onboarding journey is much more complex in one region than in another, this may indicate a lack of process standardization.

Journey and Process Complexity

To find out more about how journey complexity scores are calculated, read our technical explainer blog on journey and process complexity in SAP Signavio Journey Modeler. You'll discover the principles of uncertainty and interdependence, as well as the important differences between journey complexity and process complexity.

Once you're ready to see complexity scoring in action, you can join our beta program and try it for yourself, today. 

Published on: January 10th 2022 - Last modified: November 22nd, 2022