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Written by Niamh Elisabeth McShane | 2 min read
Published on: October 30th 2018 - Last modified: May 17th, 2022
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Business greatness is a journey of constant optimization and readiness for change. Great organizations are quick to adapt, have engaged teams and systems in place to monitor efficiency and base decisions on data. Is your organization on its way to greatness? How can you unlock the potential of your team and create a framework for sustained innovation?

What makes a ‘great’ organization?

When organizations exhibit business greatness, they create high value with their products, in less time, using less effort. These organizations, according to Steven Spear, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan and recognized expert on high velocity organizations, have (at least) one thing in common. Namely, they  consistently seek immediate clarification and amplification of their customer’s voice by leaning into their users' domain to discover the problems as well as delights of the consumer experience. In other words, great organizations are crucially, and literally: smarter, better, and faster.

Smarter, better, and faster

In today’s volatile and highly competitive market, being smarter, better, and faster matters. If you discover your business process flaws or failures quickly, you can avoid larger problems down the road. Of course, you can only change if you know what you have. Process-driven transformation enables great companies across all industries to compare their current state processes with future state and “as-implemented” versions of processes.

A process-driven approach enables you to track metrics on a regular basis, exploring performance deviations and correcting them where needed. Analyzing the data you have stored in your company’s systems rapidly helps you uncover and share current state system processes and gather improvement suggestions. Great organizations are those that think in processes and analyze the data traces left behind by their processes—these companies are smarter, better and faster.

Webcast: Discover Your Way to Greatness

Find out how your organization can achieve business greatness in our upcoming webcast: Discover Your Way to Greatness with Gero Decker, CEO and co-founder of Signavio, and Steven Spear, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Engineering Systems Division.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to find flaws quickly and trigger the learning process to improvement
  • Tactics to energize your team to collaborate and improve your processes
  • How companies are using SAP Signavio Process Intelligence to find flaws quickly and how to solve them

You’ll also hear real-world examples of how companies can and have improved quality, increased safety, and sustained innovation within their organizations on their way to business greatness.

After registering, you will receive the link to join the webcast and all other details by email. Can’t make the broadcast? Register anyway, and you will be sent the recording to watch at your convenience. Best of all, it’s free!

Making your own organization great

If you want to see how Signavio can help your organization on your way to business greatness, why not request a personalized demo? And if you want to read more about SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, have a look at the following case study, “SAP Signavio Process Intelligence provides surprising insights and enables rapid fact-based improvement.

Published on: October 30th 2018 - Last modified: May 17th, 2022