Signavio and the GDPR—your data is safe with us

With the European Union moving towards full implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Signavio’s data protection measures remain as secure as ever.

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“As a SaaS company, operating a significant amount of our business through the cloud, we are aware of the implications the GDPR will have for the way we work, especially the way we collect, handle, and process personal data from our customers,” says Signavio Co-Chief Technology Officer Willi Tscheschner.

“Signavio already operates to the highest standards under German law, parts of which will now be required throughout the rest of the EU under the GDPR. In particular, we pride ourselves on our commitment to privacy and data protection by design, one of the key elements of the GDPR,” Mr Tscheschner said.

Signavio uses a range of methods to ensure customer data is kept safe and secure, including:

  • Employing a designated Data Protection Officer with oversight of how and why Signavio collects and processes data.
  • An updated data processing and privacy agreement, reflecting the requirements of the GDPR, to be ready prior to the GDPR coming into effect.
  • Strong internal processes regarding the handling and processing of customer data especially personal data.
  • Data storage centers based in Germany, ensuring data from European Union residents is not transferred outside the EU.

For more information about how you can prepare your organization for the GDPR, download the Signavio Guide to GDPR Compliance. To find out how the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite can help your organization comply with the GDPR, request a free demonstration at


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