New: The Business Process Manager for Salesforce

Companies managing their customer relationships through the Internet platform are now able to optimize their business processes through the same platform. Signavio and the German Salesforce-partner GMP webServices jointly realized the first Salesforce application covering the area of Business Process Management.

With more than 60.000 customers, Salesforce is the world's biggest provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) over the Internet, explains Torben Schreiter, Managing Director of Signavio. The 'Business Process Manager for Salesforce' allows to create and edit business process models. A direct integration with the corresponding input forms of the CRM-software is possible. Reporting functionality and an activity management complete the offering.

"Reports that are provided by Salesforce can be integrated directly", Gerhard Mack points out. He is the CEO of GMP webServices. The users are enabled to apply individual changes to predefined process models. The final process models can be made available to all employees. "The Salesforce-system turns into an organization-wide process portal", Mack emphasizes.

In contrast to classical solutions for process management, Signavio's solution does not require any software installation at the customer side. This helps to avoid the costs for running their own IT infrastructure and the upfront investments thanks to the subscription model. A business department is now able to decide for themselves which software solution they want to employ, without needing to apply for resources with the IT department , Schreiter puts it.


Signavio won the first prize of this year's multimedia founders competition for its innovative solution. The new solution now addresses customers in the US and the UK for the first time.


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