New Signavio Analytics Reveals Human Impact of Operations-Focused BPM on Stakeholder Experiences

Journey to Process Analytics Empowers Organizations to Drive Operational Excellence using Customer, Employee & Supplier Sentiment Data

Signavio announces journey to process

WALLDORF and BERLIN — November 16, 2021– Signavio, a leading provider of business transformation solutions, today announced experience-driven journey to process analytics, an analytics engine that reveals how an organization’s underlying operations impact customer, employee and supplier sentiment. By combining experience data from Qualtrics, with operations data from SAP CDP, ERPs, supply chain, HRIS and other platforms, organizations can optimize business processes for both efficiency and experience. This helps organizations improve both operational excellence and stakeholder engagement and loyalty by understanding how stakeholders feel across various business processes.

In the majority of enterprises there is currently a disconnect between cost and efficiency-focused business process management (BPM) and the resulting impact to customer, employee or supplier experiences. This disconnect – and subsequent lack of transparency into the human impact of the business’s operations – is directly contributing to lost sales, staff churn and dissatisfied vendors.

Experience-driven journey to process analytics is capable of analyzing any business metric – for example low rebuy rates, low NPS scores, low conversion rates or drops in the funnel – and then automatically interrogating how interrelated processes – such as customer service, order to cash or delivery – are affecting those KPIs.

Examples include:

  • Analyzing the relationship between the customer experience and lead-to-cash and customer service management to identify inefficiencies that are negatively impacting customers
  • Increasing employee engagement and retention by analyzing employee experience data with underlying talent acquisition, onboarding and development
  • Boosting supplier retention and identifying engagement levers by linking supplier experience data to the source-to-pay process

Gero Decker, General Manager Business Process Intelligence from SAP & Co-founder of Signavio comments: “As organizations strive to become more customer-centric, it is important to bring an outside-in perspective on their operational execution. Journey to process analytics automatically finds the intersection points between customer experience and operations and enables organizations to explore their impact on business KPIs.”

Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services at Qualtrics says: “Experience data is becoming the most valuable data in an organization. It provides organizations with feedback from their most important stakeholders about the opportunities where they can improve the processes that impact customer, employee or supplier experiences. With experience data from Qualtrics, organizations using SAP Signavio solutions can simultaneously design better processes and experiences through the lens of their stakeholders.”

Recognising the critical role that organizational structures and internal leadership have on creating a bridge between customer experience and operational excellence initiatives, journey to process analytics also has a new knowledge practice that includes methodologies, blueprints and templates designed to unlock and optimize collaboration between the two centres of excellence.

Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President for IDC's intelligent process automation research, comments: “Linking process mining to the customer journey has been an obvious gap in the market. Bridging this gap means that CX and process improvement teams can now use a broader set of facts to work together to align and optimize processes. Converging these two distinct sources of data and stakeholder interests represents a major step forward in the evolution of process mining and the outcomes that can be achieved through the use of this technology."

Journey to process analytics builds on the success of Signavio’s Customer Excellence Edition, launched in 2020. As part of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite it will enable organizations to reduce time to insights as well as acting faster on them. General availability for journey to process analytics is expected early 2022. For more information please visit