Press Release: Effektif Workflow Platform Renamed Signavio Workflow

Signavio GmbH, one of the leading software providers for process and decision management announces the full integration of its cloud-based workflow platform. Consolidating Effektif into the Signavio platform has now been finalized by changing its name to Signavio Workflow.

Effektif was founded in 2013 by BPM veteran, Tom Baeyens, following his previous instrumental roles in the development of Activiti (since forked by Camunda) and jBPM (Red Hat).

With Signavio Workflow, companies can:

– Record their processes – Automate processes and rules without any programming – Monitor process execution

As a cloud-based workflow management platform, Signavio Workflow complements the two existing products, the Signavio Process Editor and the Signavio Decision Manager.

“This renaming once again symbolizes Signavio Workflow’s full integration into the Signavio ecosystem. Our customers benefit from a smooth interchange and can implement process and decision modeling right up to the point of automation with the Signavio products.”, Dr. Gero Decker, founder and CEO Signavio GmbH.

For those who are keen to know more, Signavio Workflow offers a free 30 day trial. Register here.

About Signavio

The German software developer is headquartered in Berlin and has offices in Sunnyvale, CA and Singapore. Signavio offers a web-based solution to model, analyze and optimize business processes and decisions. As a leading provider of SaaS software for organization-wide Business Process and Business Decision Management, Signavio combines the versatility of a professional BPM and BDM solution with the advantages of collaboration in the Cloud.


Signavio GmbH Katharina Clauberg