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Integrations at a glance

Partner Integrations
Build an SAP Signavio integration by leveraging our business transformation suite. Create added value and grow your customer base with our joint enterprises.
SAP Integrations
SAP Signavio Solutions provide a variety of business transformation capabilities in the cloud to support operational excellence, governance initiatives and business transformations.
Become a Partner
Become a part of the global community of technology leaders dedicated to changing the way people work today. Join forces with SAP Signavio leveraging SAP PartnerEdge to grow your business at a scale.

What our partners say

"Integration with SAP Signavio allows LeanIX and SAP customers to better navigate the critical relation between business processes and the underlying IT landscape. By connecting Business Process Modeling and Enterprise Architecture we enable a holistic view accessible to any stakeholder in the organization to accelerate massive transformations including the migration to SAP S4/HANA.​ As an SAP Endorsed App, we’re proud of this truly collaborative partnership which enhances values of LeanIX and SAP Signavio and enables smarter decisions between business and IT for our customers." André Christ​ Co-Founder & CEO, LeanIX

Grow with us

Grow your business together with us
Join our SAP PartnerEdge program and extend your business, increase profits, and collaborate with us on new technologies. We are driving joint Go-to-Market activities and webinars, support your co-selling activities and build a joint lead pipeline.
Increase your customer base with SAP Signavio
Get in touch with a global customer base and provide your expertise and solutions to jointly drive customer success. Let us build reliable, trustful and long-term relationships with our customers together.
Extend your portfolio with SAP Signavio solutions
Integrate with SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite to extend your portfolio and competencies. Help your customers successfully manage their business process transformations in a digitized way.

What we say

"Seamlessly integrating SAP Signavio with your existing and future software systems and landscape is our commitment to you. Pre-built connectors and individual integration scenarios, allows you to connect with SAP Signavio solutions easily. Through our investments, we deliver the best-in-class integration capabilities that put you at the forefrontofinnovation​." Dr. Gero Decker General Manager, SAP Signavio

Integration Cases

Process analysis and mining
Connect to various systems like ERP, HR, Database etc. to push process data into the SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite
Process and journey modeling
Integrate with your existing solutions to synchronize process models and dictionary entries, foster direct collaboration and streamline the transformation toolchain
Workflow and automation execution
Link to other systems and technologies within governance, workflows and automate cross-system processes
Process Collaboration and Suite
Integrate SAP Signavio with collaboration and document management tools for better transparency and connect with enterprise tools like User Management to enable scaling

Partner Integrations

Automation Anywhere Logo
Process Discovery by Automation Anywhere provides a simple and fast task mining solution that is connected with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence
Datricks Risk Mining offers real-time risk detection and control, ensuring continuous financial compliance and it is integrated with SAP Signavo solutions.​
KNOA logo
SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, in combination with SAP Signavio solutions, offers micro-level visibility into SAP processes, improving overall execution and performance.

SAP Integrations

Business Process Model Connector for SAP solutions
The business process model connector for SAP Signavio solutions helps accelerate business transformation by keeping process management and IT management in sync with SAP Solution Manager at all times.
SAP Ariba
The connection to SAP Ariba provides faster insights on procurement processes and helps users to discover opportunities for procurement improvement by leveraging medium and long term recommendations.​
​SAP Build Process Automation
Based on potential automation opportunities identified with process mining, users often need to trigger automated remediations by integrating with different tools. Integration with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence enables users to trigger workflows and launch actions such as RPA bots directly in SAP Build Process Automation.
SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management​
The integration of SAP Signavio and SAP Cloud ALM helps accelerate business transformations by sharing process information in a shared modeling environment for process and IT solution management.​
SAP Data Intelligence Cloud​
The integration of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Data Intelligence Cloud allows flexible connection to the most common enterprise sources (SAP and 3rd party), widening the connectivity options for our customers.​
SAP Datasphere​
With this integration, customers can leverage SAP Datasphere capabilities for data connectivity, data integration, data wrangling and data modelling for process mining with SAP Signavio.
SAP Enable Now​
The integration of SAP Signavio and SAP Enable Now allows enhanced process documentation, training materials, and seamless knowledge transfer, improving efficiency and user adoption.​
SAP Financial Compliance Management
With the integration of SAP Financial Compliance Management to SAP Signavio Process Manager, customers can keep risks and controls in sync and transparency in an automated way.​
SAP Signavio solutions and SAP LeanIX link technology, IT, and infrastructure directly to business processes so you can have a clearer view of your business processes. Together, they allow you to holistically address strategic process transformations from a business and IT perspective by removing roadblocks and eliminating time-consuming rework for each process.

Integration Options

APIs allow data connections to integrate customer and partner solutions with SAP Signavio
Actions and webhooks help to automatically query process data and act on the results
Data Exchange
Data Exchange capabilities are integrated for import and export of data.
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